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Vesta provides specialised services to Operators and Associations in the family entertainment and leisure industry. 


We specialise in working with small to medium sized operators, as well as businesses with a growth agenda.

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How We Work

Our approach is to offer “hands on” operational expertise and support in every phase of the business cycle – from starting up to the day to day management, right through to expansion and business sale.


We can work with you to develop your operational excellence by helping you to put solid processes in place.  Or, we can take on that job for you, so it is one less thing for you to worry about.


At core of our work is to help our clients perform more profitably by helping them to make better, more efficient and effective decisions.

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What We Offer At Vesta

Supporting you Pre-opening


Supporting you through the start-up process, from planning and budgeting to pricing, site setup, and choosing suppliers. We hold your hand through the lead up to opening making sure you are on track and that you have the correct procedures, policies and processes in place, from risk assessments to HR processes and staff training.


Operational Excellence


Guiding you in optimising every operational aspect of your business to achieve higher profit margins and streamline internal processes, making your business more efficient and manageable.


Growth Agenda


We know how to help companies with a growth agenda, both in terms of laying a solid foundation for a smooth rollout as well as understanding how to scale - whether it be preparing the team for growth or understanding finance options. 

Minimising Risk


We help you implement the necessary policies and procedures you need to have in place to ensure your staff and customers are safe.

Vesta is the Managing Agent for the Association of Indoor Play, the UK’s association for indoor play operators.

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