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Maria Cantarella leads the team and is is an expert in indoor play and leisure with 30+ years’ experience in launching and managing small businesses and driving significant business growth.


She is a former indoor play operator and forerunner in the UK indoor play market with the launch of an “edutainment” and “leisuretainment” concept that had a national footprint.


Before founding her own business she worked as a management consultant and marketeer.


She is the Operations Director for the Association of Indoor Play.


Vesta works with a  team of seasoned professionals to provide best in class advice

Business Support

We can support you in pre-legal advice whether it be landlord negotiations, company valuation and business strategy for growth or downsizing.


Our associates have decades of experience in leadership and customer service training to optimise your Team.


HRH Accountancy, our Vesta finance partner, brings a decade of experience in the play and leisure industry to the Team. Keeping your books in order is their specialty:  financial statements, budgeting, investment portfolio, cost management, credit control  and bookkeeping. 


Vesta has partnered with The Play Inspection Company for advice on upholding safety standards and industry best practices and Inspections for outdoor and indoor recreational areas.

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